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Owning a swimming pool is one of life’s great pleasures. The ability to amble out into your backyard on a hot summer’s day and take the edge off that intense Cali heat; the feeling you get after smashing out laps in the morning before work; or the time spent with family and friends, swimming and socializing. No matter the combination or permutation, your swimming pool adds so much value to your quality of life. It shows you a lot of love. Maybe it’s time to start showing a little love back to your pool? And that’s where Oceanside Pool Cleaners come in.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that has been offering our reliable, competitive services to the good people of Oceanside for almost a decade now, and nothing makes us happier than making our clients happy. Whether your pool or spa needs a weekly clean or a pH assessment, you know that with our team of professional pool cleaning specialists, you’re getting the ultimate pool maintenance and pool repair company in Oceanside.

Perhaps you already have a weekly service, but you know in your heart that they’re not quite up to standard. That your beautiful isn’t life quite as sparkling as you know it could be. In which case why not consider switching to Oceanside? Our staff are so friendly, our pool technicians have years of experience and settle for nothing short of elite workmanship, and we pride ourselves on our prompt and budget-friendly service.

Filters need a clean? Maybe the kids dropped a plate of rice’n’beans in there on the weekend. We’ve seen it happen, no kidding.

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Or is that spa cover looking like a dog’s breakfast? Peeling and splitting at the seams after years of exposure and late-night parties?

Or maybe you want a complete equipment overhaul. Why shouldn’t you have the best? Why not get all the latest gadgets installed and become part of the Smart Pool revolution? We can help you with that too. Because no matter your pool service needs, we have you covered.

You deserve the best pool cleaners in Cali.

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Pool Cleaning Service Oceanside CA

If you’re like many of our clients, the vast majority of your leisure time, family time and entertaining in the summer months, is done around your pool. Except that we’re blessed in California to have close to year-round swimming weather! And in those cooler months, if you have heating capabilities, well then you can legitimately be swimming all year round. That kind of constant engagement with a pool’s delicate ecosystem can take a toll, altering its chemistry and adding to the wear and tear of your equipment.

The key to maintaining the total health of your pool surfaces and water is regularity of care. In order to keep the chemical balance of your H2O just perfect, and to avoid unwanted build up algae and grime, why not hand off the heavy lifting to our team at Oceanside Pool Cleaning?

Whether you have an unforeseen pool repair emergency -- maybe your filters are on the fritz or your pump motor needs a revamp -- or you’re just done with taking care of pool maintenance week in and week out on your own, our crew of legendary pool cleaning technicians will always bring their aquatic A-game guaranteed, keeping your in-ground pool looking as good as new now and long into the the future.

Our employees love what they do and we never stop training and learning, keeping abreast of all the latest developments in the industry, be it with product development, or the introduction of smart pools into the marketplace. Every one of our team members is given elite training and guidance from day one with the company, and we’re constantly partnering with the best brands in the business, learning whatever we need to to be at the top of our game, but also so we can establish the kind of business relationships that get us the best deals on materials and hardware. We are then able to pass those savings on to you.

It also means that we are always fully stocked -- in terms of both chemicals and equipment -- or if we don’t have exactly what we need on hand to solve the particulars of your pool, we can source them super quickly from our partners in the area.

Pool Maintenance Oceanside CA

How you decide to approach the upkeep of your inground pool or your above ground pool, and how thoroughly you deal with faulty equipment or structural failures, will go a long way to determining the life of your pool and ensuring that it continues to add its full potential to the value of your property. Filters and pumps are constantly working to keep your pool working smoothly and so checking and replacing them regularly is essential.

But that’s something you won’t even have to think about if you’re working with our team of experienced pool professionals. We are the pool repair specialists of Oceanside and can dig your pool out of any hole it may have fallen into.

We take enormous pride in our customer service and you know we’re going to listen and consult with you throughout the entire process so that we can tailor the job (or our weekly maintenance visits for that matter) specifically to your needs. When it comes to repairs you can also be sure we will carry them out in a timely, unobtrusive and detail oriented manner, offering you the most competitive rates in the area. Whether it’s your pool pump, pool filter or pool heating system that is playing up, or if you’re concerned about structural issues, call us now because we can help. At the end of the day, your swimming pool is supposed to be an oasis for your family. A place where all the hassles of our day to day lives take a break for a while. What you don’t want, especially if you have kids, is to have faulty equipment hampering that experience. If you need a pooling fix, pick up the phone and call Oceanside Pool Cleaners now!

Oceanside Pool Cleaners

The best pool service, maintenance and repairs in Oceanside, CA!

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